FM-2022 handpiece


The FM-2022 handpiece is a hot tweezer that enables the easy removal of any SMD chips and flat packages, up 25 mm width.

  • Unique parallel movement of tips allows easy removal of SMD chips and flat packs up to 25mm.
  • Direct heating prevent damage to neighboring components on high density board.
  • ESD safe by design

Applicable systems:

FM-203 rework system FM-206 rework system

Applicable tip series: T8


Power consumption: 140 W (24 V)
Temperature range: 200 – 400°C
Heating element: Composite ceramic heater, integrated in the tip
Cord length: 1,2 m
Total length: 148mm (with SOP 25L tip)
Weight: 64g (with SOP 25L tip)

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