FM-2024 handpiece


The FM-2024 handpiece is a versatile desoldering tool, that can be used together with the rework systems of the Hakko FM series.

FM-2024 with pistol grip

Pistol grip configuration

FM-2024 with straight, "pencil style" configuration

Straight configuration

  • Integrated desoldering unit equipped with nozzle with built-in heater provides excellent thermal recovery
  • Nozzle can be replaced with simple one-touch operation
  • One unit can serve dual usage of Gun/Straight configurations
  • The composite nozzle ensures superior thermal recovery
  • Lightweight design
  • ESD safe by design

Using with the FM-203 rework system requires the use of a special conversion kit, containing a desoldering control box, that provides the suction pressure using a Venturi pump, powered by pressurized air. This box needs compressed air input.

FM-204 and FM-206 features integrated electric suction pump.


Applicable systems:

FM-203 dual rework system FM-204 desoldering station FM-206 rework system

Applicable nozzles: N3 series


Power consumption: 70W (24V)
Temperature range 350 – 450ºC
Heating element Composite ceramic heater, integrated with the nozzle
Cord length 1.2m
Total length 180mm (with Φ1.0mm nozzle)
Weight 65g (with Φ1.0mm nozzle)

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