FM-2031 handpiece

The FM-2031 handpiece is a high power nitrogen soldering iron, that can be used with the FM-206 rework system.

Requires N2 supplies and a Hakko FX-791 nitrogen controller.


N2 setup with FM-206

Applicable system:

FM-206 multifunctional rework system

Applicable tip series: T22

For the even dispensing of the N2 gas around the tip, a nozzle assembly should be used.
The following nozzle assemblies are available, for the different tip shapes:

Nozzle assembly type A (B3121): for tip shapes 2BC, BL, 2BL, 1.2D, 3C, 0.2J
Nozzle assembly type C (B3123): for tip shapes 0.8D, 1.6D, K
Nozzle assembly type D (B3124): for tip shapes 5C, 6C, 3.2D, 4.5D, 5.2D
Nozzle assembly type E (B3561): for tip shapes 2.4D, 0.8JD,


Power consumption: 140W (24V)
Temperature range: 200 – 500ºC
Heating element: Composite ceramic heater, integrated with the tip
Cord length: 1.2m
Total length: 231mm (with 2.4D tip)
Weight: 47g (with 2.4D tip and nozzle assembly E)

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