FR-810B High airflow hot air rework system


Hakko-FR-810The FR-810 high airflow hot air rework system is a 1300W hot air system operating with an output temperature ranging from 50°C to 600°C and airflow from 5 litres/min up to 115 litres/min. Due to these outstandingly wide ranges, this system is suitable for various application from reworking delicate SMT components to heavy heatsinks. The digital control of this system also features a timer function. The five preset memories make possible storing five sets of parameter, each including a temperature, an airflow and a time.

FR-810 hot air system presetsBy chaining these  presets, you may create a temperature profile, allowing to provide a solution even for a complex SMT rework application.



FR810 hot air system profilingThis system uses a special set of nozzle, the N50 series, specificly designed for the quick lock system included in its handpiece. In case you still have nozzles for previous systems, by attaching a B5058 adapter piece. you may use them as well.

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