FX-8803 handpiece

FX-8803 handpiece

The FX-8803 handpiece is a self-feeder soldering iron, featuring a manual solder feeder, that may be used with the FX-888D soldering system.


  • Solder and feed with one hand
    ·Feed a set amount of solder with one hand.
    ·Perform two actions at the same time with one hand.
    ·Manual feed system is perfect for cellular manufacturing
    ·Manual system ensures solder can only be fed when working
    ·Soldering work can be conducted at the pace of the operator
  • Extensive lineup of tips
  • Anti-static specifications*Requires separate purchase of iron holder C1437.

Applicable system:

FX-888D soldering station

Applicable tip series: T18

The feeder system uses a guide nozzle, that must be chosen according to the diameter of the solder wire.
The following guide nozzles are available:

B2652 for Ø0.6 mm wire
B2653 for Ø0.8 mm wire
B2654 for Ø1.0 mm wire
B2655 for Ø1.2 mm wire
B2656 for Ø1.6 mm wire


Power consumption: 65W (26V)
Temperature range: 50 – 480ºC
Heating element: Ceramic heater
Standard tip: Shape-3C (No.T18-CF3)
Guide nozzle: Ø1.0mm (Option except Ø1.0mm guide nozzle)
Usable solder: diameter Ø0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
Cord length: 1.1m
Dimensions: 170(W)×180(H)×23(D)mm (with 3C tip)
Weight: 207g (with 3C tip)


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