Hakko 808 Self-Contained desoldering tool

Hakko 808 Self-contained desoldering tool

  • Portable self-contained desoldering tool that can operate without station and is especially convenient for onsite servicing and repair
  • High suction power for portable unit
  • Filter pipe that shows the amount of removed solder at a glance

The unique Hakko design places the pump and motor above, not inside the grip, so vibration is minimal and the grip is thin and easy to hold.

  • The new, miniature, high-performance diaphragm pump is housed in the pump chamber at the rear of the unit. So, pump maintenance is quick and easy – simply remove the cover of the pump chamber.
  • The optional carrying case makes it easy to transport the unit to wherever it is needed.
  • Delivered with a 1.0 mm desoldering nozzle. Click here for the other nozzles that can be used with this tool
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