FR-810 Hot air tool available in Europe

As the end of the year is approaching, all of us, involved in the distribution of the Hakko products, have been waiting with increasing excitement the last item from the list of the new products announced for 2014. The green light finally switched on and the FR-810 hot air tool became available in Europe.

FR-810 hot air tool specifications

The reliable and robust hot air systems had always been increasing Hakko’s reputation since decades; you may remember the legendary 850 system, setting new industry standard in this field. Even after a decade from its discontinuation, we use to encounter this system at several customers, still in use. The FR-810 hot air tool is intended to fit in line and to offer a highly versatile system for those involved in rework operations with the most various heat demands. This system features digitally controlled temperature and airflow, both with an outstandingly wide range. You can set the temperature between 50°C and 600°C, with an airflow ranging from 5 litres/min to 115 litres/min, allowing the use of this tool both for reworking delicate SMT components and heatsinking shields as well.

The control system of the FR-810 also includes a timer function and a memory for preset values, allowing the storage of up to five value sets, each including a preset temperature and airflow, applied for a settable time. By chaining these preset memories, you may create a heating profile with up to five zones, allowing the use of this tool for high-complexity rework procedures.

FR810_eng_presetsFR810_eng_profileThis system features a new set of nozzles, designed specifically for the quick-change locking mechanism, included in the FR-810 handpiece. However, if you still have some nozzles bought for older Hakko hot air tools, buy purchasing an optional adapter piece, you may still use these, as well.

Should you need any further information about this tool, please don’t hesitate to contact your Hakko distributor.  From the 3rd of November, you may place pre-orders for the FR-810 through our webshop,

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