FX-801 and FR-400: Heavy duty range from Hakko

By introducing the new high power systems, Hakko had made a great step towards extending its offer to the heavy duty range. The new FX-801 soldering station and FR-400 desoldering tool can face the challenges of the heat demanding applications, providing the traditional Hakko accuracy and working comfort in this range as well. These new systems had been launched in Europe in April, 2015.

The high heating power of these systems needs new tips and nozzles as well. For the FX-801, you may choose the right geometry for you application from the T33 series of tips, featuring an integrated 260W heating element. The gun-shaped desoldering tool of the FR-400 uses  the N60 series nozzles, featuring a 300W high power heating core of extended length, that prevents clogging of the solder in the suction tube.

Should you need any detailed information of these heavy duty systems, please consult the referring pages of this website (FX-801 and FR-400) or contact your distributor.


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