New FG-102 thermometer available

FG.102 thermometer

Hakko had recently launched the new FG-102 thermometer, offering a handy solution for minimizing the downtime due the periodical calibration of the soldering systems. They had combined their popular FG-100 soldering tip thermometer with a barcode scanner and included some extra hardware and software providing the traceability of the measurements.

The FG-102 thermometer feautures several functions that turn it into a real mobile calibration system.

  1. It monitors the measurement process, by indicating the proper contact of the tip with the sensor – in case of a faultyFG-102 thermometer display contact, the measurement is interrupted with a failure message – and also indicates when the reading is stabilized and the measurement is complete.
  2. Besides the measured temperature value, the system also stores the date and time of the measurement.
  3. With the barcode reader attached, the system can read and store the ID of the soldering system and of the operator who had proceeded with the calibration.
  4. The system can evaluate the result of measurement as passed or failed, based on preset temperature limits. By defining groups of soldering systems for processes using different temperatures, each group can be evaluated using its specific range.
  5. The device can store the data of 300 measurements that can be downloaded on a PC for mass storage and further processing.
  6. The system monitors the usage of the sensor and prompts the operator to change the sensor, after it had reached a preset number of measurments.
  7. The validity of the system’s calibration can be also preset and will be shown, when its due to re-calibration.

The process itself is very simple: the operator scans the ID of the soldering station, also scans his/her own ID, then touches the tip to the sensors and holds it in a steady position, untill the system shows the end of the process. Reading of the ID data is conditioned by having barcode labels attached to soldering stations and to the operator’s ID badge as well. The system is lightweight, compact and battery powered, facilitating the mobility through the worksite.

FG-102 thermometer - process diagram

With the optional accessories for hot air blowers and for solder pots, you may range of the system that can be checked and calibrated with the FG-102 thermometer.

For further information and trial, please contact our company.

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