Tip life monitoring with FX-100

We had already mentioned in the description of the new FX-100 soldering station, that the T31 series tips, created specifically for this system, are manufactured with an enforced iron plating, extending the tip life. The FX-100 has also a unique feature, that will allow you to monitor the tip life, as it is provided with a time counter and a load counter.

Tip life monitoring - FX-100 action
By displaying the values of these counters, you may get the actual information about the service time of the tip and the number of solder joints done with the tip.

The cumulated time information does not include the shut-off time. The number of loads is obtained by monitoring the temperature drop and recovery cycles, typical for the soldering process. By having this information available any time, you may have a great tool for monitoring and managing the tip life, helping you in managing the efficiency of the use of your resources. This may help you in reviewing the efficiency of different tip geometries for a certain application. You can also use these data to an individual evaluation of your operators and to analyse the reasons, if any operator consistently records shorter tip lives than the average.

Tip life monitoring - displaying hours and tip loads

If using these functions, you must not forget to manually reset the counters when changing the tip.

You may find more details about the FX-100 on the Hakko Global Website.

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