FA-400 Benchtop Fume Extractor

FA-400 benchtop fume extractor

  • The FA-400 benchtop fume extractor can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • A third mounting position is also available with an optional arm stand
  • Reduced footprint – saves valuable space on your workbench
  • Low maintenance:  The absorption force at the filter decreases gradually over time as the absorber is used. When the filter surface becomes completely white, the filter should be replaced.

Visit the detailed description on the official HAKKO website

FA-400 vertically mounted

Vertically mounted: Can absorb widespread fumes.

FA-400 mounted on a stand

Using a stand: When there is insufficient space or to absorb smoke from upper areas.

FA-400 horizontally mounted

Horizontally mounted: Powerful absorption at closer area with high flow rate. Because of low height, it gives less shade keeping your working area light.




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