FG-102 mobile calibration station

An innovation in tip temperature control – Tip thermometer with traceability management

The FG-102 mobile calibration station measures, logs and stores tip temperature to improve manufacturing quality by saving time and cost in the temperature control process

FG.102 mobile calibration station

  • Zero measurement errors
  • Standardized temperature measurement
  • Zero recording errors when logging measured temperatures
  • Reliable history control of tip temperature

On production worksites where a high degree of quality is required, more and more manufacturers are employing soldering systems with digital temperature display functions. Meanwhile the importance of the soldering temperature control is increasing. Aimed at reducing human error (such as errors made when measuring and logging temperatures),  HAKKO’s tip temperature thermometer with traceability control provides reliable, simple and appropriate support for the tip temperature control process.

FG-102 mobile calibration station - process diagram

Aim for zero logging errors and achieve labour saving by scanning the soldering system and operator IDs

By eliminating the need to log the measured temperatures manually and computer input work, it’s helping to achieve labour savings in tip temperature control.

Standardized temperature measurement
supporting zero measurement errors

It notifies the operator when to stop measuring the temperature. Measurement is finished when the “H” mark stops blinking and is steady lit. Automatically detects measurement errors and prompts the operator to perform the measurement again. The screen displays “Fail”, if the tip is removed from the sensor before measurement has finished.

FG-102 mobile calibration station - displayPass/Fail judgement

Measured temperature is automatically judged as passed or failed, if an allowable set-temperature range is registered in advance. (The screen displays “OK” or “Fail”.)

Transfer logged data to PC for easy history management

Main units can store up to 300 measurements and send data to PC via USB. (Data logged in CSV format, USB cord included).

Power saving designFG-102 mobile calibration station - power saving

If not in operation for a certain time, the unit automatically enters into power save mode. Storing the scanner in the holder cuts standby power to reduce battery consumption.


FG-102 mobile calibration station - compact designRequires no power supply and features a handle for excellent portability. The compact design provides easy movement on the worksite.

Group management

Groups can be created based on different operating temperatures, according the nature of the job. An automatic pass or fail judgement can be made even if different set temperatures are used.

Automatic counting of temperature measurement

The unit automatically counts the number of measurements, to indicate the time of sensor replacement.

Calibration date notification

The unit automatically notifies the next scheduled calibration date, when it is registered.

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