FR-410 Heavy Duty desoldering station

FR-410 Desoldering station Desoldering tool with built-in vacuum pump • 140 W high power enables perfect desoldering on multi-layer PWB • New type nozzle can fit onto micro land patterns and narrow space • Separate nozzle and heater ensure running cost advantage for you 140 W high powers enable perfect desoldering for the components on multi-layer PWB

Increasing the power to 140 W from 50 W of our previous models (HAKKO 474・475), it can make it easy to desolder on multi-layer PWB which was never an easy job, and it can also shorten the process time.
A wide selection of nozzle, with the addition of new types, is available for a variety of desoldering works.
Applicable to even micro lands, components in a narrow space or flat type terminals on the PWB of downsized devices like mobile phone.

Secure desoldering, valve function that suctions with high pressure
Suction starts 0.2 seconds after pulling the trigger for instance and high pressure suction to achieve complete desoldering.

Reduction of solder clogging
・Improvement in heating core
Heating ability for backside of heating core is increased to ensure suctioned solder be carried to filter pipe and avoid solder clogging.

・Featuring ACF (Anti Clogging Function)
ACF (Anti Clogging Function) ensures suctioned solder be carried to filter pipe by keeping the pump running for a certain period of time (1 to 5 seconds) automatically after releasing trigger.
Improvement in maintainability
・Easy nozzle replacement
The dedicated wrench allows safe, easy and smooth nozzle replacement.

・Easy heater replacement
Easy heater replacement by removing 3 screws on the part of heating core.

・Larger filer and more transparency
Filter size has been increased to protect the pump from contaminants, and transparent filter cover allows quick visual check of the filter condition.

・Tool box
FR-410 comes with a tool box that contains of maintenance tools to keep nozzles and heater in a good condition.

Featuring a large LCD display
Very easy to see temperature on the large LCD display
Vacuum indicator to check clogging

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