FR-830 Compact preheater

FR-830 compact preheater

  • FR-830 Compact preheater best suited for heat processing on localized areas
  • Featuring quick heatup and less variations in temperature
  • Best suited for pre-heating of multi-layer PWBs
  • Combined with HAKKO FR-803B(SMD Rework Station) 
  • ·Easy attachment with connecting cord which is included in HAKKO FR-803B
    ·Upgraded working efficiency by heating parts from top and bottom
    ·Operating FR-830 with buttons of HAKKO FR-803B
    (Start Ventilating/Cooling Down by pressing “HOT AIR” button on Handpiece of FR-803B)
    ·Automatically cool down after turning off the power
  • Temperature regulating function
    · Temperature range 150-300°C(302-572°F)
    · CAL enables fine adjustment of temperature.
  • Preheating in short time
    · The improved air outlet shorten preheat time compared with air conventional product. 
  • Suitable for multi-layer board preheating
  • Automatic cool-down function mounted.
    · Pushing the “START/STOP” button at the end of work automatically activates the cool-down function.
  • Compact, lightweight, and slightly larger hot air outlet.

Visit the detailed description of the FR-830 Compact preheater on the official HAKKO website


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