FX-889 Dual soldering station

FX889 Dual soldering system

  • Dual port station allows 2 handpieces to work simultaneously
  • Many functions – Adjust mode, Preset Mode, Passoword function
  • N2 iron (FX-8802) as an optional accessary
  • FX-889 can make a wide variety of handpiece combinations.
  • A newly born HAKKO FX-889 has 2 ports to support a variety of handpieces such as soldering irons of different power profile, gun type iron, tools for SMD rework.

  • Great cost performance

    Excellent thermal conductivity

    T18 and T19 tip series are designed to have improved thermal conductivity from their previous models by reviewing both external and internal structures.

    Digital display

    Digital display shows setting temperature at a glance.

    Password function

    Settings can be locked using a password to prevent them from being changed unexpectedly.

    Preset mode

    This feature is very convenient when you want to change the set temperature to suit a particular workpiece, component, or tip shape. Simply select the desired temperature from a selection of preset temperatures registered in advance. (Up to 5 preset temperatures can be registered.)
    Preset mode can save your trouble and improve workability.

    Adjustment mode

    Temperature adjustment* is an essential part of any strict quality control system. With adjustment mode, what used to be a troublesome procedure is now as simple as entering the measured tip temperature to FX-889.

     * Adjust the tip temperature to match the set temperature in case that there is a difference between those temperatures due to tip shape, heater replacement, or other factors.
    Photo: Measuring the tip temperature with a tip thermometer HAKKO FG-100

    User-Friendly Design

    1.Space-saving design

    The reduced foot print is smaller than 2 of FX-888D and its iron holder.
    Efficient setup is available even on smaller workbench.

    2.Power-saving design

    Independent switches cut the power for each iron when not in use.
    Power-saving design minimizes standby electricity.

    3.Superior operability

    Four buttons were symmetrically placed at the both sides on the front panel. The two buttons on each side allow simple and intuitive operation.
    A color band can be attached to the handle, and this makes it possible to see at a glance which side it is connected to.
    (2 pieces of color band are included as the standard accessories.)

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