FX-952 Simultaneous dual handpiece soldering station

FX-952 simultaneous dual handpiece soldering station

  • Soldering station with two irons (Two-iron type of HAKKO FX-951)
  • Two different soldering iron tips selected according to component sizes can be simultaneously used.
  • Temperature on each station can be centrally controlled with one station
  • Selectable soldering iron for N2 system as usage at your option

Uses lock-type Sleeve Assembly soldering iron.
fm-2028 soldering iron
· Lock-type sleeve assembly attaches securely.
· Click sound ensures you easy and secure tip insertions.
· Four-color lineup of the sleeves
· Handy when using two different tips at the same time

Four Features of the Soldering Iron HAKKO FM-2028
  • Interlock mechanism with the iron holder makes setting of the power-save setting easy.
  • Power-save function allows minute-by-minute setting. (up to 30 minutes)
  • (0-29mins. — Sleep mode, 30 mins.— Auto-power, Shutoff)

Possible to set power-save function on two different irons.

* New FX-952 has the same updated features as the new FX-951.
  • Steady Performance Ensures Excellent Thermal Recovery.
    Never changing heater performance ensures excellent thermal recovery.The excellent thermal recovery allows the soldering with lower preset temperature. It is also useful for Lead-free soldering which requires higher melting temperature
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